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The Importance of Exercise Conditioning Programs after Surgery

The Importance of Exercise Conditioning Programs after Surgery

When you have just undergone surgery, the last thing you probably want to do is to start exercising and conditioning the affected area. The simple fact is, however, that it is precisely what your body needs to help you heal. Exercise and activity are necessary to properly regain lost function and range of motion, and to help reduce the possibility of re-injuries caused by weakened tissues. The importance of monitored, careful exercise conditioning programs after surgery are hard to overstate. That is to say, it’s a big deal.

Medical research has shown that patients who are better conditioned fare better than those who are not. This goes for both before and after a surgical procedure. Athletes, for instance, are more likely to have a smoother and faster recovery. Even if you are not conditioned already though, studies have demonstrated that tissue healing can be helped by targeted, controlled conditioning and exercise.

How Exercise and Conditioning Helps Your Body Heal

Working out can flood tissues with much needed tissue building materials such as naturally occurring stem cells, anti-inflammatory cytokines (small proteins that help cells communicate), human growth factors, and clotting factors. Additionally, your body has a greater ability to flush out toxins, carry away and discard dead cells, while providing additional nutrients via increased blood flow and oxygen saturation. In a nutshell, moderate exercises can boost your ability to heal while also reducing pain, swelling and speeding your recovery.

Benefits of Exercise and Conditioning After Surgery

Besides the benefits listed above, patients who are engaged in their own care often have better outcomes. Appropriate exercise also boosts mood, increases flexibility, and help to condition your body to boost your overall health and quality of life.

At Powell & Jones Orthopedics Center, we understand the close connection between conditioning, exercise, and post-operative patient wellness. We strongly promote exercises approved by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. We are there for your healing journey, before, during and after…offering you the help and support you need to get back to the life you love.

If you, or someone you love needs comprehensive, patient-centered orthopedic care with full exercise and conditioning program after surgery in the Birmingham, Alabama area, or to learn more about any of our innovative orthopedic treatments, please call our office at (205) 877-9191 for more information, or request an appointment online.

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